T. L. Gallery – Studio


Colorful, miniature art pottery, iridescent raku vases and sculptures of animals and yoga-inspired poses, stunning canvas giclee photography of southwestern landscapes, as well as delicate original acrylics and pastels:  these are some of the delightful things you will discover at the T.L. Gallery and Studio, which opened in charming Old Town Cottonwood in December, 2013. 

Stop by and visit Transy Lopez as he works with clay; sculpting, building, and glazing.  Find out what endearing and eye-catching pieces have recently emerged from his fiery kiln.  Transy looks forward to giving you a little tour of his world. 

  1. Purchased a “feathery” work from the Artist Coalition in Flagstaff and would like to see more of your work. Is the gallery still open in Cottonwood and if so what are your hours? Bette Gordon

  2. Dr. S. Lyrique Chaalis-Watson

    Bonjour Transy !
    It is your neighbor / fellow artiste,
    Lyrique. Met you last week, at your
    Studio. The French woman. I live at
    814 North 4th. Just moved in recently
    and am very content in my petite
    Would like to collaborate on some
    Projects! (928) 593 – 9644.
    Merci beaucoup,

    • I’m gad you’re getting settled in your new place. This coming Saturday is the art walk again from 6-9pm. My girlfriend Sonja will be helping me so maybe we will have a chance to discuss your ideas for collaboration then.
      See you Saturday or let me know if that doesn’t work. Thanks

  3. Dr. S. Lyrique Chaalis-Watson

    Pardon Transy,
    Was indisposed on Saturday. I will visit
    Your shop soon.

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